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PROGRESS is being made! (My first one-shot comic!)

Posted by fmbray - May 29th, 2011

After killing the most time ever and being unemployed for the past year (as well as squandering lots of my saved up income on bills, further limiting me to having to live at home with my parents) I am finally working on my first comic issue ever! It's a one-shot though, so I'm not expecting much out of it. It's just a little short story.

Yes, it's going to be self-published, considering I can't sit around and wait for a publishing company to just suddenly pick me up. I think I actually found a cheap, but effective printer to actually handle it, so it should work out as long as I work within the constraints that have been set forth as far as size of PDF and whatnot goes. It's HP magcloud, by the way, if anyone was wondering. I'm going to try this, because frankly, it's a bit cheaper than publishing on Lulu is. Plus, it's not extra for color! So I can do color if I want to--or not. Everything's quite a bit cheaper since it's more geared toward magazines.

But, anyways, I've also been in the process of retooling my online shops. I do sell some of my artwork and crafts there too. I have an Etsy where I sell all the stuff I make that isn't custom, and then I have a Big Cartel shop as well. There's also a facebook page for my business as well. It's sad to say that I'm barely scraping by with this stuff at the moment, but at least I'm trying to make an effort. This entire little network of my online shops is called Ultramarine Clambake, by the way.

But, I digress.

I also want to let everyone know that I'm going to be around a lot more. There's no reason at all I should have left here. Newgrounds inspires me quite a bit. And frankly, it's loads better than deviantart in the sense that we have super quality stuff on here and don't have to deal with as much guff as over there as far as trolls and weirdness. It's a lot less likely that I'd be beat out by fetish art, naked chick photography, or shitty fan art.

That being said, I'm definitely going to start posting a lot of my art over here from now on, as well as having some of my stuff on deviantart, since I can't stop buying premium for no real reason other than to make portfolios to clip to my resumes..

So, I guess this is an entry to say that I'm back and I'll be around. I'm definitely going to start doing my part in the flash portal again. I've seen some abysmal stuff lately mixed in with the good stuff. I need to blam the hell out of some things.

I'll see you all around,


PROGRESS is being made! (My first one-shot comic!)