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fmbray's News

Posted by fmbray - June 23rd, 2011

So, I've been busy making ends meet, so there's goign to be delays here.
Also, Canada's having a postal strike, so if anyone buys anything from me that goes to Canada, there will be hell to pay for everyone involved.

In addition to this, a certain phone company is sucking me dry and I'm hardly having time to stop scraping money from my etsy sales and pouring into that. They've lanced me with an extra $15 this month, effectively making me have to pay $105 this month, just because they "reconnected" my phone service after they (I'm sure it was tedious) painstakingly "interrupted" my service and it was so hard to automate such a simple process.

Also, I am very full of rage from all these constant high fructose corn syrup commercials, in conjunction with what seems to be a creative bankruptcy in the movie business. I don't want to go see another goddamn superhero movie. They just have not stopped coming out for the past 3 years. I want to see a fucking chick flick that sucks. Or some exploding boobs or some shit. Just, anything other than these superhero movies. Marvel and DC just need to stop milking things for all they're worth and ruining a form of entertainment for me. I'd rather just watch that terrible Wild Wild West movie with Will Smith in it. Or better yet, Whip My Hair by his lowly progeny.

I am just so full of rage today. The rest of the day, I haven't been, but I've had a really odd mood swing because of all of this shit that keeps happening. Both, to me, and to everything else.

Furthermore, I'm slightly delayed on my comic series I'm starting, which is about fetishes and double lives now, because I'm doing custom work for people.

I am so far behind, I put Kobayashi Maru to shame.

Speaking of things that make everything more laborious:


Posted by fmbray - May 29th, 2011

After killing the most time ever and being unemployed for the past year (as well as squandering lots of my saved up income on bills, further limiting me to having to live at home with my parents) I am finally working on my first comic issue ever! It's a one-shot though, so I'm not expecting much out of it. It's just a little short story.

Yes, it's going to be self-published, considering I can't sit around and wait for a publishing company to just suddenly pick me up. I think I actually found a cheap, but effective printer to actually handle it, so it should work out as long as I work within the constraints that have been set forth as far as size of PDF and whatnot goes. It's HP magcloud, by the way, if anyone was wondering. I'm going to try this, because frankly, it's a bit cheaper than publishing on Lulu is. Plus, it's not extra for color! So I can do color if I want to--or not. Everything's quite a bit cheaper since it's more geared toward magazines.

But, anyways, I've also been in the process of retooling my online shops. I do sell some of my artwork and crafts there too. I have an Etsy where I sell all the stuff I make that isn't custom, and then I have a Big Cartel shop as well. There's also a facebook page for my business as well. It's sad to say that I'm barely scraping by with this stuff at the moment, but at least I'm trying to make an effort. This entire little network of my online shops is called Ultramarine Clambake, by the way.

But, I digress.

I also want to let everyone know that I'm going to be around a lot more. There's no reason at all I should have left here. Newgrounds inspires me quite a bit. And frankly, it's loads better than deviantart in the sense that we have super quality stuff on here and don't have to deal with as much guff as over there as far as trolls and weirdness. It's a lot less likely that I'd be beat out by fetish art, naked chick photography, or shitty fan art.

That being said, I'm definitely going to start posting a lot of my art over here from now on, as well as having some of my stuff on deviantart, since I can't stop buying premium for no real reason other than to make portfolios to clip to my resumes..

So, I guess this is an entry to say that I'm back and I'll be around. I'm definitely going to start doing my part in the flash portal again. I've seen some abysmal stuff lately mixed in with the good stuff. I need to blam the hell out of some things.

I'll see you all around,


PROGRESS is being made! (My first one-shot comic!)

Posted by fmbray - September 5th, 2010

I feel like I don't spend enough time on here anymore.

Mostly, it's because I'm trying to figure out art and do things.

I'm working on a comic series. I want to get published sometime soon and make money on my artwork and whatnot!

So, as I'm giving myself Stage 3 carpal tunnel, I'll think of you, Newgrounds.

I'll still be on here a lot though.

Posted by fmbray - July 23rd, 2010

Well, I have my own webcomic now. It's on tumblr, however. It's still pretty awesome though, even though I'm way too cheap to host my own website.

You should look at it and follow it. I'm still plodding through unemployment, trying to get a job somewhere on the interwebs, since there's no places to work around here. Yup.

Here is the link to my web comic, "From The Waist Down"

Anyways, enjoy this. Lol.

From The Waist Down

Posted by fmbray - May 17th, 2010

Okay, so.... I'm still alive. I bet you're waiting for me to do something epic.

Hopefully soon, yeah? I had to reinstall Flash onto the tower because my laptop is an overheating PoS and I gotta replace the fan on it soon.

Also, I don't know what my first animation is gonna be, but I'm not gonna aim TOO high. I've know that it's a bummer when you work on on something and can't follow through.

I've felt like I've let Newgrounds down, but then again, I'm busy and have a real job/life besides sitting on the computer like I usually do. Hopefully, I will accomplish something within AT LEAST the next week. If not, keep looking.

Also, an Oprah Moment of Zen for today:

/* */

Posted by fmbray - April 26th, 2010

Well, I'm not dead, to say the least, but I've been working on a lot of things at the moment and I just couldn't be bothered with my daily login. I'm going through some training tomorrow through Friday for being a census enumerator, and hopefully, that will supply me with some income to pay my bills and whatnot, as well as buy some sound equipment AND repair my laptop fan.

Also, I can't believe I ate the whole thing.

Also, I'll have SOMETHING up sometime soon, hopefully, since I'm gonna start using the tower for my "professional" graphic design and flash stuff.

C'mooooooooooon. Just wait and see!


Posted by fmbray - March 12th, 2010

And sometimes that's a good thing, because I'm actually working on something and don't really wanna be disturbed.

Besides, it's going to take forever to finish this, too! Ha. Hopefully it won't take TOO terribly long to finish a trailer for my flash series I'm planning on doing.

Is 1m 30s for a trailer acceptable on Newgrounds? I'm going to say yes because nobody ever checks up on me anyways.

Tales of Nero trailer, coming soon. It's in no way associated with the "Tales" series of Namco's. If I end up having to change the name, I'm going to be pretty pissed. Hopefully I won't have to. Or, if it comes down to it, they might steal my ideas. If that happens, I'll have to raise hell and make some legal action happen.

Anyways, I loooooooove you all. <3 Haha.

Posted by fmbray - March 6th, 2010

Well, I'd like to say, I've noticed a trend. I don't know if it's the trolls or whatnot, but I'm really tired of them. That, or I'm really tired of the absolutel noobs of flash and their mediocre entries.

To the noobs: I know you're trying your best to create something, but please, don't let it be a stick figure... It's 2010, so technology is advanced enough for you to do regular artwork. Frame by frame, even. Then again, some frame by frame isn't all that great either, but it's the thought that counts!

To the spammers: I get tired of watching your nonsensical entries made to agitate us Newgrounders. Although you give us easy blam points, I really think you should reconsider posting anything. If you're going to even try, make some classy spam of some sort. At least feature some monocles or opera glasses in it. Hell, you could even send me some champagne before watching it. Or at least a Jello shooter.

As an avid member of NG in my early 20's, and also having some college under my belt, I find that for every member older than 20, there's at least 100 or more around 13 to below legal US smoking age/age of adulthood of 18.

It leads me to believe that our community is slowly devolving into a ever growing group of prepubescent teens, leaving our "royal family" of older folks that usually manage the site and vote fairly on things--leaving us to dwindle in numbers as they overpower us with bad animation values and techniques.

There are a few exceptions, of course, like Dom Fera and Yotam Perel, but most of the famous pre-teens (when they were younger) have been grandfathered in since coming of age. They're all right. However, the quality of Newgrounds, with or without them, are being affected adversely. I've noticed this since signing on after my first few times in late 2009.

For every 1 great entry a day, there seems to be 10 low quality entries that are blammed or make it through Judgement.

What I'm saying is, we don't need to necessarily be more stingy with our 5's and 0's, but we do need to be on the lookout, as well as create more quality stuff in the Flash Portal. It just seems like things are getting out of hand with all the repetitive spam. Guys, we could be using that extra 5kb-9MB for something more useful and well done, like Mr. Literal or Explosm or Press Start shorts--something that contributes to entertainment or philosophical values on a general or deeper level.


To all Portal users over 18: Be vigilant of entries and judge accordingly! Submit quality work! Contribute quality! Band closer with our community!

To all Portal users 13-17: PROVE YOURSELVES! Stick figures are out of date!

To all spammers: Submit quality work, then maybe we won't blam you!

We are still the original and LARGEST flash portal on the web. Let's show everyone that we're capable of contributing something awesome to society!


Posted by fmbray - February 25th, 2010

I haven't been able to get anything done!

I feel like I've failed my voice actor, codeblackhayate, because I couldn't ever get the script worked out and it basically got so messed around that it flopped... :( Hopefully, I'll have the privilege of using her in my series, though.

So, basically, I'm working on a little trailer for a series I have... It's about the whole world and its mythology that I created, for my whole tabletop RPG system.

The name of the world is Nero, and it's got a lot of mythology behind it, although I'm thinking I might just focus on a certain group of travelers of Nero in the distant year of 1430, long after many of the gods and deities have become dormant... which makes for a pretty great storyline, if I can work out the kinks in THAT. Hopefully, I will.

Hopefully, the trailer should be done by late next month, if I press on with it. Since a trailer doesn't have to really follow any specific guidelines as to storyline or plot, I can show/make whatever clips I want! So, take that, TV industry. I don't have to film anything really. HA!

So, look for that, and hopefully, I'll also have artwork up relating to the whole universe of Nero, and its rich culture.

Posted by fmbray - February 20th, 2010

Apparently, I'm a douche about mainstream this, that, and the other.

*I am a huge proponent of user-created content, which is why I'm a member of NG and a few other sites.
*I hold media outlets in contempt for milking shows dry until they have to water them down.
*I'm not a fan of media bias.
*I like that fact that the internet has made things a lot easier, especially the submitting of user-made content.
*I am very tired of all this mainstream bull and their obvious lie constructing in order to slander/libel true journalists like James O'Keefe in favor of their ratings and saving face.

I'm very adamant about this, and it WILL happen, considering how tired I am of seeing people's subservience to popular media outlets. Hopefully, I can have everything compiled into my book ASAP.

Normally, if I would argue with anyone in person, I would never be able to tell my point. Why not make a book and put it into the media frenzy spotlight?