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A NG Call to Arms.

Posted by fmbray - March 6th, 2010

Well, I'd like to say, I've noticed a trend. I don't know if it's the trolls or whatnot, but I'm really tired of them. That, or I'm really tired of the absolutel noobs of flash and their mediocre entries.

To the noobs: I know you're trying your best to create something, but please, don't let it be a stick figure... It's 2010, so technology is advanced enough for you to do regular artwork. Frame by frame, even. Then again, some frame by frame isn't all that great either, but it's the thought that counts!

To the spammers: I get tired of watching your nonsensical entries made to agitate us Newgrounders. Although you give us easy blam points, I really think you should reconsider posting anything. If you're going to even try, make some classy spam of some sort. At least feature some monocles or opera glasses in it. Hell, you could even send me some champagne before watching it. Or at least a Jello shooter.

As an avid member of NG in my early 20's, and also having some college under my belt, I find that for every member older than 20, there's at least 100 or more around 13 to below legal US smoking age/age of adulthood of 18.

It leads me to believe that our community is slowly devolving into a ever growing group of prepubescent teens, leaving our "royal family" of older folks that usually manage the site and vote fairly on things--leaving us to dwindle in numbers as they overpower us with bad animation values and techniques.

There are a few exceptions, of course, like Dom Fera and Yotam Perel, but most of the famous pre-teens (when they were younger) have been grandfathered in since coming of age. They're all right. However, the quality of Newgrounds, with or without them, are being affected adversely. I've noticed this since signing on after my first few times in late 2009.

For every 1 great entry a day, there seems to be 10 low quality entries that are blammed or make it through Judgement.

What I'm saying is, we don't need to necessarily be more stingy with our 5's and 0's, but we do need to be on the lookout, as well as create more quality stuff in the Flash Portal. It just seems like things are getting out of hand with all the repetitive spam. Guys, we could be using that extra 5kb-9MB for something more useful and well done, like Mr. Literal or Explosm or Press Start shorts--something that contributes to entertainment or philosophical values on a general or deeper level.


To all Portal users over 18: Be vigilant of entries and judge accordingly! Submit quality work! Contribute quality! Band closer with our community!

To all Portal users 13-17: PROVE YOURSELVES! Stick figures are out of date!

To all spammers: Submit quality work, then maybe we won't blam you!

We are still the original and LARGEST flash portal on the web. Let's show everyone that we're capable of contributing something awesome to society!


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Valiant words Mr. Raccoon, valiant words. Yes, there does indeed seem to be a lot of garbage submissions that make it through but that's unlikely to change.

How about leaving critical reviews on honest yet crappy work? This will not only deter uncommitted artists but will encourage the committed to clean up their act.

Also by telling spammers not to spam you're giving them what they want: a reaction. Perhaps if spam is simply ignored it will go away.

True, but then again, I never said exactly to not spam. I said to at least make it worthwhile and "classy".

Also, I do leave reviews on some things I feel are committed but aren't really 100% in my eyes, because I want to see them get better or "die trying" because I think they can make it. However, I've just seen utter garbage in the new submission under judgement the past two months or so, so there's definitely not even any spam flash worth my time.

Also, despite my leanings to create anything of value, I usually spend a lot of time on it before I even decide to post and then I fear my own stuff doesn't meet par. So, I'm sitting on a sharp fence post in regards to stuff, but, I stand behind my position. I just really want to have people submit some good stuff, y'know? I get crazy seeing pretty awful things.